Our Statement on diversity, equity and inclusion

The Bonnart Trust’s statement on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) aims to reflect our commitment to tackling societal inequalities both as an organisation and through the work of the scholars whom we support. The statement also aims to pursue congruence with the vision of the Trust - to contribute to a tolerant and inclusive society in which people of all ethnicities, religions, and cultures live together with mutual understanding, and respect the rights of the individual.

The Trust’s primary activity is the support of scholars at Birkbeck College, University of London. The College’s statement of diversity, equity and inclusion (https://www.bbk.ac.uk/about-us/equality/statement) mirrors the values and standards to which the Trust aspires. Through our dealings with the College we are confident that they apply to the selection of students and to their treatment while at the College.

We aim to fund scholars who are committed to academically rigorous work of the highest standard, and who, crucially, exhibit a personal commitment to the values of the organisation.

This commitment can come in many shapes and sizes, can cut across established ideological lines and will, on occasion, involve funding research deemed by some to be controversial or divisive.

While the Trust itself takes no institutional view on these issues, beyond considering the extent to which they align with our stated charitable mission, we nonetheless consider the breadth of our support, both in terms of the research itself and the diversity of the scholars we fund, to be a strength that we are proud to embrace.

In its dealings with partners, suppliers, supporters and related stakeholders, the Trust follows the principles set out in the Association of Charitable Foundations Stronger Foundations Initiative, while recognising that as a small organisation our scope for practical action is limited.


  • Invest time and effort in understanding and defining diversity, equity and inclusion and how it relates to the foundation’s history, mission and current work
  • Reflect and implement DEI practices in our funding activities. We achieve this principally through our work with Birkbeck College (see above).
  • Express our DEI commitment, policies and practices publicly
  • Collaborate with others to promote and implement DEI practices

In addition we aspire to:

  • Have a diverse Trustee board
  • Make ourselves accountable by inviting feedback from our scholars and academic partners and offering opportunities for challenge, feedback and appeals